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Starring: Nick Ndeda, Sue Wanjiru and Brian Ogola
Written and Directed by Njue Kevin
Produced by Phoebe Ruguru & Bill Afwani

Logline: A rookie paramedic spends 18 hours in an ambulance for the life of a road crash victim who struggles to be admitted to any hospital.

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  1. Best Overall film - AMVCA 2018

  2. Best Editor - AMVCA 2018

  3. Best East African Film - AMVCA 2018

Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards is an annual accolade presented by Multichoice recognising outstanding achievement in television and film in Africa.

Press: BBC - BBC Minute: On bringing life to the screen

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Starring: Jason Corder, Patrick Oketch and Mkamzee Mwatela
Written & Directed by Njue Kevin
Produced by Bill Afwani & Phoebe Ruguru

Logline: On board a commercial airplane, (Ruwe) an African intellect, sits next to a white man (Walter). In their conversation, which is utterly brutal, honest and to some racist, Walter blames the 'Intellectuals' as to why Africa is in such a deplorable state.


  1. Young African Filmmakers Award (YAFMA) - Afrika film festival 2016, Leuven.

  2. Jury Award - 2015 Slum Film Festival.

Press: A review on East Africa's leading newspaper Daily Nation.

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Starring: Maureen Koech and Patrick Oketch
Directed by Bill Afwani
Written and Produced by Njue Kevin

Logline: Kimberley, a former addict, addresses a group of recovering addicts as to why immediately after being released from a rehabilitation centre she enrols back.


  1. Signis Best East African Talent - ZIFF 2014



Plastic Maasai

Short Film
Starring: Blake Simpson, Achar Brian and Haroun Risa
Written and Directed by: Njue Kevin
Produced by: Bill Afwani & Phoebe Ruguru

Logline: Two con-artists pretending to be Maasai warriors make a victim of a foreign transvestite tourist who is on a journey in Africa to find the mythical NGINA RIVER - a river whose stream is believed to be capable of full gender reversal.

Greening Bare Ground

Short Documentary
Written & Directed by Njue Kevin

Logline: Kenya experienced one of the worst drought in its history because it lost its trees. Forest cover is now down to 7.8%. Meet Kenya Mutiso and Helen Thornton-Mutiso whose mission is to cover up Kenya’s bare ground.

Commissioned by the Aga Khan University (Graduate School of Media and Communication).

Saidia (Help)

Short Film
Directed by Phoebe Ruguru.
Written and Produced by Njue Kevin

Logline: A young man speaks about his traumatizing experience of forced labor, in a place far from home where he has nowhere to turn for help.

Awards: Young Filmmaker Award 2014 at the Unchosen modern day slavery short film competition 2014 (UK).